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Chianti Classico Riserva 2018


From the Conca D’Oro in Panzano in Chianti


Chianti Classico Riserva comes from the magnificent Conca d’Oro in Panzano in Chianti, one of the most suitable wine-growing areas of Tuscany. This new, intriguing pure Sangiovese was born with the 2018 vintage and embodies the soul of Panzano in Chianti. Its main distinguishing features are tannin density, balance and fruit purity, which give the wine a strong, regional character.


The vineyard that produces the Chianti Classico Riserva grapes is situated on a natural south-west facing plateau, at a height of 450 metres. New Sangiovese clones have been planted in this vineyard, whose clusters contain small grapes with extremely thick and resistant skins that capture and absorb every ray of light on the mild September days. The loamy soil, rich in minerals and consisting of a balance of clay, sand and silt, allows the plants to grow deep roots and obtain optimal nourishment during the growth cycle.

The wine that originates from these vineyards mirrors the famous Panzano in Chianti land – a wine-growing area that produces crystalline and pure wines that encapsulate the complexity of the local terrain, the brilliance of the sunlight and the fresh sea breezes characteristic of the long summer days of the Conca d’Oro microclimate.


In 2018, after a warmer than average winter, shooting arrived a little early and then slowed down due to low March temperatures. In April, a rise in temperatures led to fast sprouting, forcing us to manage the new leaf covering with an early green pruning. The most difficult challenge came with the heavy rainfall in May, which risked destabilising the phytosanitary balance of the grapes – a threat that Gagliole controlled with swift and targeted treatment using low doses of copper and plant-based biostimulants.


The summer’s warm sunny days, essential for successful development of the clusters and the veraison, allowed the vintage to re-balance. September at Panzano in Chianti was breezy, warm and brought clear skies, allowing the grapes to fully enjoy the month’s last rays of sunshine and reach an excellent polyphenolic balance. October began with a sudden drop in temperature, which extended the ripening of the grapes destined for the production of our Chianti Classico until 10 October, the day they were harvested.


The selected grapes were then vinified in temperature-controlled steel tanks. Thanks to the high quality of the skins, maceration times were extended to 30 days, to allow the wine to extract all the quality elements from the skins slowly and naturally. Once drawn off, the wines were maintained in contact with their sediment and underwent malolactic fermentation in steel vats. They were then aged for 10 months in small used oak barrels and once the final blend was created the Chianti Classico Riserva continued its elevage in natural concrete tanks for a further 5 months, before being bottled.


Gagliole’s Chianti Classico Riserva is an intense ruby red with violet hues. It delivers an aroma of blackberry, blueberry, violet, hints of liquorice and Mediterranean herbs. From the very first sip it releases energy, supported by the density of the soft tannins and vibrant acidity, leading to a final pleasant mineral sensation reminiscent of graphite.    This is a wine that can be enjoyed immediately, thanks to the balance of the components and the fruity characteristics typical of a young wine, however, the predisposition to ageing is evident, as with all the great Chianti Classico Riserva wines.


A total of 5,000 bottles of Gagliole Chianti Classico Riserva were produced.


The Swiss Bär-Bettschart family, with their cosmopolitan spirit, belong to that avant-garde of internationalists so struck by the beauty of Chianti that they decided to put down roots here and create a wine that reflects this location and its atmosphere.  The Gagliole winery was founded in 1990 and today boasts two distinct vineyard properties. One, located in the Conca d’Oro in Panzano in Chianti, provides grapes for the two IGT wines, Gagliole and Pecchia, and for Chianti Classico Rubiolo.  The other, in Castellina in Chianti, yields the pure Sangiovese Chianti Classico Riserva Gallule.  The estate comprehends 20 hectares in vineyards and 16 in olive trees.  In addition to their elegant wines and extra virgin olive oil, the Bär-Bettschart family established in Panzano in Chianti a cosy luxury bed & breakfast, La Valletta.

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