our production - Gagliole


the harvest

The harvest is carried out exclusively, and meticulously, by hand, in order to obtain uncompromisingly perfect grapes. No berries are broken or crushed, and the hand-picked clusters are placed in small boxes and then go onto the sorting table.

the sorting table

A rigorous quality-selection on the sorting table eliminates all extraneous matter--such as leaf parts, stems, and berries and cluster parts not in perfect condition. This is a crucial step, since it exercises an important impact upon final wine quality, and it ensures absolutely perfect fruit, the essential complement to high-quality harvesting.


After de-stemming, the grapes from the oldest vineyards are placed in 225-litre “Culte” oak barrels to ferment, while the grapes from the younger vineyards ferment in French oak vats and steel fermenters. The entire process, down to the smallest detail, is monitored and controlled with the greatest expertise.


The wines, subdivided according to variety and vineyard parcel, mature in French oak barrels for periods ranging from 12 to 18 months, during which time our winemaker meticulously follows every step of their development, until, finally, the moment arrives for crafting a blend that will convey great elegance, forcefulness, and crispness.

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