the family

The magic of the Tuscan countryside, in the heart of Chianti, fascinated and captured Monika and Thomas Bär – Bettschart right from the start, a love at first sight that left no doubt about what would in the future be their Land of Dreams. Their love for Tuscany and for its world-class wines became, as the years succeeded each other, a strong passion.

The Gagliole logo, a pair of compasses with a horizontally-balanced beam, is the coat-of-arms of the venerable Bettschart family and unequivocally conveys quality, attentive care, and precision. In the Middle Ages, house-builders signed their work with the mark that over time became a coat-of-arms.

Today, three generations of the Bär family involve themselves in the activities of Gagliole, and their commitment, renewed daily, ensures the future of their Land of Dreams.

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