It Was Very Tricky, 1998 - Wine Spectator - Antico Podere Gagliole



It Was Very Tricky, 1998 – Wine Spectator

Reports Thomas Bär, a respected Zurich banker who produces a top-notch super Tuscan red at his estate of Antico Podere Gagliole. I scored the 1998 Gagliole at 90 points. «We had to go out 10 times during harvest because of the rain. It was a hot and very, very dry summer; so when it rained, the grapes took up the water very quickly. You had to wait to let the rain diminish a bit out of the grapes and vines.»

GAGLIOLE Soc. Agr. Srl Unipersonale - Loc. Gagliole 42, I-53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI) - P.I. IT00784430522 - C/F e Num. Iscr. CCIAA Siena 92006590522 - Cap. Soc. €191.212,00
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