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2022 Vintage

The 2022 vintage was characterised by particularly challenging weather conditions. Both the winter with little rainfall and the hot, dry summer put the vineyards to the test. The only useful rain came at the end of April  after which high temperatures and dryness persisted from May to mid August.  This caused the vines to mature at least 15 days earlier than average.  However, our well cultivated vineyards survived this difficult period without suffering any serious damage. But then disaster struck! In the night of August15, an enormous hailstorm swept over Panzano, destroying approx. 70% of  all our grapes, because its epicenter was exactly above our vineyards. This great loss weighs on us heavily both  morally and commercially. In a single night all of our passioned work of a year was destroyed!

Luckily, our vineyards in Castellina in Chianti and in Badia a Passignano were spared. Thanks to sufficient rainfall as of mid August and a cool,sunny  and breezy September we were able to produce beautiful, mature grapes of highest quality in these locations, which we harvested from September 19 – 25. We can therefore also this year look forward to producing excellent wines although of limited quantity.

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