the estate - Gagliole

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the history

Documents mentioning the Gagliole Estate date back hundreds of years and there are countless ancient legends regarding this property, which continues to conserve memories of a distant time. A manuscript in the State Archives in Siena reveals that the son of the Langobard King Berengarius, who had fallen in love with the Tuscan countryside, bequeathed the Gagliole Estate to his wife in 994 A.D. The passing of centuries did no harm to the beauty of this estate which preserves the special character of this unique landscape.

the farm

Gagliole is a small gem that captures all of Tuscany’s beauty. The cypress-lined road and the villa evoke the peace and quiet of another era and a sense of history that stirs the soul. The magnificent, slender, dark cypress trees reach up to the sky, gently waving in the wind and producing a magical effect of light and shadow.

our vineyards

The undulating contours of Chianti’s gentle hills compose an enchanting panorama that extends to far-off horizons. Intense emotions, unimagined harmonies, forceful colours—all in a world in which the architectural genius of man melds magisterially into the surrounding landscape. Traditions, emotions, culture, art, beauty, past and present--all are held in the embrace of a romantic atmosphere unchanged over the centuries.

our production

Harvesting by hand and rigorous quality selection of the grapes are the distinctive hallmarks of our harvest. Cutting-edge technology and the final, hands-on touch of our winemaker are the secrets of the high quality of our wines.

our belief

Ancient terraces embody the memory of landscapes stubbornly preserved by man’s expert labour. A delicate equilibrium exists between climate and terroir, the ideal paradigm for those who have chosen to cultivate the land with respect for nature and its rhythms, with a respect too for biodiversity in the vineyards, fundamental for putting into practice organic viticulture. Here is an impassioned world of people never timid in their determination to draw forth from the vines the absolute finest the earth can yield.

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