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the vineyards

One part of our vineyards, amounting to 10 hectares, is in Gagliole (Castellina in Chianti). These vines are predominantly planted on age-old terraces, studded with olive trees among the vine-rows, a method of crop-cultivation in use since the Middle Ages, creating spectacular landscapes that excite the wonder of visitors from every part of the globe.
A further 10 hectares are located in Panzano, which lies in the famous Conca d’Oro, a natural amphitheatre which offers ideal growing conditions for every grape variety. The vines here range from 2 to 40 years of age, which represents a perfect equilibrium between youthfulness and maturity, between refreshing crispness and mature wisdom.

the micro-climate

Panzano and Gagliole enjoy different climates. In Gagliole, the vines, planted on terraces, are shaded by small groves of trees that protect the grapes from the summer heat.
In Panzano, the vines face south-southwest and thus enjoy a greater exposure to the sun, which encourages a more complete photosynthesis.

the soil

All of our vineyards derive their life-force from nutrient-poor soils, which are those that yield the finest-quality fruit.
At Panzano in Chianti, the soil is rich in clay and gravel, ideal conditions for producing superbly-structured wines, while in Castellina the vines send their roots deep into a looser earth, the local galestro, which can yield wines of notable crispness and elegance.

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