At Gagliole, environmental care has always been a priority.
For some years now, we have had organic certification for both the vineyards and the winery.
The organic management of the vineyards allows us to express their potential and enhance the differences and peculiarities of each plot that makes up the various vineyards of the estate.
Built and designed with the utmost respect for the territory in which it is located, our new cellar completed in 2019, is an example of sustainability combined with the respect of the surrounding environment.
All of the energy used in the cellar, the wine storage warehouse and the new offices come from a geothermal and solar energy system.
This organic and eco-sustainable management of our winery allows us to express the beautiful purity of our wines

Our Roots
The vineyards of Gagliole date back a thousand years and fade into legend.
A document in the State Archives of Siena states that the son of Berengario, king of the Lombards, donated them as a fiefdom to his wife in 994 AD.
What the Bär family call their “Land of Dreams” is a jewel of a property initially used as a holiday home. However, once Monika & Thomas tasted a wine a local producer created from his own grapes, they decided to embark on a new adventure and become winemakers. The story began in 1993 with three hectares of vineyards.